“The identification of whiteness and its structuralizing principles is necessary in order to combat its invisibility and normative effects. Hence, the theoretical investigation into histories of whiteness is a crucial intervention within the LIS field.”

– Todd Honma
Honma, T. (2005). Trippin’ Over the Color Line: The Invisibility of Race in Library and Information Studies. InterActions: UCLA Journal of Education and Information Studies, 1(2).

We Here is a supportive community for Black + Indigenous + People of Color (BIPOC) library and archive workers and students. Some of the ways in which We Here can be described is as a support group, collaboration network, and mentorship platform. We Here has closed platforms for people of color (POC) and open channels for everyone else.

We Here is doing the work our institutions and organizations have not yet built into the fabric of our profession. We Here is helping to retain BIPOC in LIS professions. 

Any gathering organized under the We Here name/brand must be limited to BIPOC only. If you’re interested in organizing or supporting an event, please get in touch with the admins.

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